Each sector we work in has its own array of unique challenges and different ways in which these need to be approached.
At Ambergreen Internet Marketing our experience is combined with our knowledge of the industry and a close working relationship with the client to form an individual strategy that delivers results.


The travel industry is one of the biggest sectors online and as a result it is extremely competitive but there are opportunities available. Competing in this area requires a well thought out marketing strategy that is based on solid experience and thorough implementation.


Online gaming is a fast evolving sector which has seen significant growth over recent years with new and exciting brands making an impact in the digital space and more to come thanks to new technologies and changes in the world of entertainment.


Digital marketing in the financial services industry typically takes a different role compared to the retail and travel sectors. With financial services focusing on growing an online reputation and engaging with potential clients specialist experience is required.


A retail presence is increasingly an integration of both your walk-in stores and your website. As a result a digital marketing strategy is now considered an imperative part of the marketing mix to ensure your website is optimised.


The publishing sector has faced an array of challenges since the growth of the internet yet there is a huge potential to reach new audiences through the likes of search marketing, Google News and social media.


Working in the digital marketing sector for Government services requires the ability to work collaboratively with many partners to ensure that we facilitate continuous improvement and strategy development.


Digital marketing for ecommerce is as varied as it is challenging. From telcoms to automotive to online learning and beyond, ecommerce marketing needs creative solutions and sound research and analysis to stand out from the busy crowd to help you hit your goals.

B2B Marketing

The B2B sector uses different strategies to use the digital space to create leads and conversations to reach out to their audience. Each business has its’ own challenges and opportunities; this is why we create bespoke solutions for each of our clients.