SEO Website Audit

A crucial step in forming a digital strategy is ensuring the structural and technical soundness of your existing website and owned digital assets.  Ambergreen use a thorough checklist to audit the site’s architecture, structure and performance. This is aligned with the website’s Analytics and Webmaster tools accounts so we can understand how the technical elements are contributing towards your organic visibility and the customer’s user experience.

It goes without saying that we will benchmark your website’s performance against five of your chosen competitors and we will also benchmark it against your wider industry if you use Google Analytics.

Your SEO website audit can mean very little unless we can consider it within the context of what your business is trying to achieve and with whom you are competing for market share.

With well over a decade’s experience helping some of the world’s largest brands perform better as a result of our expertise. We feel confident that our website audits have played a huge part in the success of many of the brands we have worked with over the years.

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