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Benchmarking From Messages to Conversions

Taking your brand’s core assets – what you believe in and how you wish to be perceived – is where we start taking your digital foot forward. Call it our first line of strategy. What we do with your owned and earned content: your website, your blog, social media content, email and PR; along with what we do with your paid channels of search, display, social media, paid content to create a strategy, is based on the findings of our initial research and analytics discovery sessions.

We don’t decide the channels to market without a solid foundation of measurement because, if we understand what you are trying to achieve, by when and how it affects your bottom line profits, then it is always so much easier to manage expectations going forward.

To do this, we use a benchmarking process, which is where we look at what you are measuring in the context of what your business is trying to achieve. This is the start of all our marketing analysis. We will check that you have set up your goals, analytics and KPI frameworks correctly so that you are able to properly measure your business growth. We will then look at what we discover about your owned, earned and paid media in comparison with that of your competitors and the marketplace in general.

As our overarching Analysis and Auditing service; Benchmarking covers areas such as the Website Audit, Competitor / Marketplace Analysis, Analytics Audit, Social Media Audit and the Search Demand Analysis.

We are not prescriptive at this stage in our discovery. Here, we are simply getting to grips with what auditing and analysis tools we will need to use to find the opportunities to help us grow your business.

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