Emily Schaffer

Our Latest Recruit: Emily Schaffer

Today we are introducing our latest recruit to the team: Emily Schaffer, who is joining us as a Marketing Assistant.

AG: Who are you?

ES: I’m the lucky new marketing assistant who managed to secure a placement for my third year of university with Ambergreen. I am originally from Musselburgh, so I’m already familiar with the beautiful city that is Edinburgh, but I’ve been away for a couple of years studying at Robert Gordon University. In my last year of school, I made the decision to move away for university so I could get the full experience and become more independent. However, homesickness was starting to get to me towards the end of my second year so I began focussing on securing a placement in Edinburgh. This is where Ambergreen came into the picture.

AG: What do you do at uni?

ES: At university, I studied Management with Marketing, which involved studying all areas of business such as HR, finance and operations, but I specialised in marketing. Obviously, marketing was my favourite area . . . not sure if I can say the same about finance.

AG: How did you get interested in digital?

ES: I got interested in digital marketing from one of the modules I did in my last semester of second year, which involved doing a blog on various areas of digital marketing. I absolutely loved this module and found it so interesting, which caused my eagerness to find a placement in digital marketing. I think digital marketing appeals to me the most because it’s so important nowadays, and you can be very creative with it.

AG: Why Ambergreen?

ES: I applied for a job at Ambergreen because I heard about the company from a connection, and it seemed it had such a friendly work culture and the perfect opportunity to learn more about digital marketing. Moving home for a year also had the added bonus of no cooking (which is probably safer for my health).

AG: Where do you see yourself in five years?

ES: In 5 years, I hope to have finished university (if I’m still trying to finish my degree in 5 years, that would be pretty worrying.) I’m also very keen to travel as much as I can before I get back to the working life. Hopefully when I do return to work, I’m able to find a job in Edinburgh with a digital marketing agency . . . maybe Ambergreen if I can convince them to take me back!

AG: What’s your favourite thing you’ve worked on so far?

ES: So far my favourite thing I’ve worked on is the blog post I wrote on the experience economy. I love writing, so this was a great task for me, and it allowed me to apply my learning at university.

AG: What are you looking forward to most working at Ambergreen?

ES: I’m really looking forward to helping out in different areas of digital marketing to find out which is my favourite, as this will enable me to understand what area I want to specialise in after university.

AG: Favourite food?

ES: My favourite food is cheeseburgers. However, considering they’re not the healthiest food, I have to restrain myself from ordering them all the time . . . which is unfortunate.

AG: Special talent?

ES: My special talent is not being able to go to the beach without falling face first in the water (or at least I like to think of it as a talent and not me being a massive klutz.)

AG: Surprising secret?

ES: My surprising secret (which isn’t really a secret) is that I’m the grandchild of a child refugee, hence the German second name.

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