We’re about results. We’re about taking an original, creative approach to deliver great results for our clients. We’re a digital marketing agency with a difference – and it works.

Ambergreen has been around a while, since 2001 to be exact, but whilst that might well be prehistoric in industry terms, we’re no dinosaur. Every client is different, with their own goals, objectives and approaches; we like this individuality and develop bespoke solutions to work for them using the very best, latest and existing technologies or ideas – not try and fit them to a pre-set solution.

Our history gives us virtually unparalleled experience, and working with such a diverse range of clients over the years has allowed us to see the changing face of digital marketing first hand. Learning from this history and wealth of experience allows us to continually evolve and have the foresight to build strategies that not only work today, but will excel tomorrow.

Whether we’re talking about travel or retail, government or global enterprise, publishing or gaming, finance or hotels, Ambergreen have worked on it all. Trainers, river cruises, pensions, government policy, luxury golf and spa resorts, chocolate, jobs boards, family holidays, online gaming – you name it and Ambergreen has probably got experience with it. We don’t say this to brag (regardless of how it sounds), but to demonstrate that we’re not joking when it comes to how seriously we take what we do.  We’re not saying that we don’t enjoy a bit of fun as well, but at the end of it all we use our knowledge, experience, industry nouse and vast skill set to get the results; dinosaurs go extinct – we’re here for the long haul.